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Our site is currently down, but don’t panic, we are working on it, hope to be up and running soon <3

thecortexifan said: So it says that annatorvdotcom is suspended. Will it come back at one point? I was sad to see that :(

Don’t panic, we are working on it :)

Anna Torv sketch

Anna Torv sketch

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So this happened yesterday! Went down to UBC in the afternoon before our flight home to see if we could catch a bit of the filming, and we did! Also have some spoilerish pics of the filming, but won’t be able to upload those until later after work.

Also, any Fringies who were at The Fringe Event - let me know who you are!! We all exchanged twitter info, but I know lots of you are on tumblr too, and I’d love to have you on my dash. :)

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2009 video - Behind the Scenes of Fringe - Anna Torv, Josh Jackson & John Noble

Anna Torv - Photobooth picture from &#8220;Travelling Light&#8221;

Anna Torv - Photobooth picture from “Travelling Light”

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